San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh had to know the question was coming. Perhaps that's why it bothered him.

An ankle injury likely will keep Ted Ginn out of Sunday's season opener against the Green Bay Packers. His replacement waiting in the wings? You guessed it, Kyle Williams, whose two monster special-teams flubs buried the Niners in January's NFC Championship Game.

It's only natural Willams' struggles would be resurfaced during Harbaugh's media availability on Friday. When a reporter did just that, Harbaugh wasn't pleased.

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"We don't, we don't ... why'd you bring that up?" he asked,via The Sacramento Bee. "Why would we be talking about that? When is enough enough?"

When the same reporter persisted -- obviously unaware Harbaugh wanted to crush his skull -- the coach became agitated.

"I should ask you, why did you bring that up?" Harbaugh said, staring down the reporter. "Why do you continue to ask that question? What is the reasoning?"

Harbaugh is protecting his guy, of course, which is part of his job. But he's also tasked with communicating with the media, and it's wrong of him to cop an attitude toward a reporter who is a) just doing his job and b) asking a pertinent question given Williams' recent history.

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